Screen Printing

Screen printing is a technique that uses a stencil and ink to decorate any reasonably smooth, flat surface and is one of the most economical and practical solutions for embellishing garments. This not only means t-shirts of all sizes, styles, and colors, but also bags, hoodies, pants, and more can be screen printed. A screen printing press lays the colors on the garment one layer at a time using a plastisol ink. The finished item is cured at a high temperature to ensure the permanence of the image.

Xtreme Designs uses the highest quality inks, screens and machinery to guarantee your order meets and exceeds your expectations every time.

Screen printing charges are based on:

1) Art work (if needed)
2) Number of ink colors on garment
3) Number of print locations
4) Cost of blank garment
5) Number of garments to be printed

Here are a few samples of our work: